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How to Evaluate a Traffic Lawyer NYC

When someone is pulled over and receives a traffic ticket in New York, it can be a major inconvenience and hassle. It can result in points on a driver’s license, car insurance hikes, assessment of fines and fees, potential employment implications and even suspension or revocation of driving privileges. It is important to find and select the best Traffic lawyer NYC to handle the ticket in order to minimize these impacts.

It can be difficult to determine which attorney is best for your situation because there are many traffic lawyers in the city and they all offer different services. Some attorneys charge by the hour while others have flat fees. A flat fee is preferred as it provides certainty and transparency for the client. It is also important to review the lawyer’s background, experience and education to determine whether they are a good fit for your case.

In evaluating the potential lawyers, it is helpful to ask for references and speak with past clients about their experiences. An additional thing to look at is the lawyer’s website. Look for a firm that specializes in NY traffic ticket defense and that has detailed articles and content on the subject matter. Also look for a physical office address listed on the firm’s site as opposed to a PO Box or no physical office address at all. This is a red flag and indicates that the law firm may be attempting to hide something.

Some traffic violations are considered criminal and could result in jail time. A traffic lawyer should advise you as to the potential consequences of a conviction and can assist you in deciding whether to fight or to simply plead guilty. Many people do not realize that they can lose their driver’s license if they simply send in their fine without fighting the ticket in court.

Other important issues that a traffic attorney can help with are DMV hearings and license and insurance violations. A New York traffic attorney should be able to negotiate with the DMV for an agreed upon outcome to a matter rather than having to appear in court. He or she can also assist in untangling license and driving privilege suspensions and revocations that have nothing to do with the underlying traffic case in court. This can be a bureaucratic nightmare and often is more difficult than the actual case itself. This type of representation requires a unique skill set that only an experienced traffic attorney has. Lastly, a qualified traffic lawyer will be able to help you avoid or reduce the impact of the New York state point system on your driver’s license by getting your case dismissed or reduced. They can also help you take a defensive driving course or other similar options to avoid points on your license. The cost of these services can be substantially less than the cost of a traffic conviction.

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