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Luxury Trans-Canadian Train Tours

Trains were a cornerstone of Canada’s late 19th and early 20th-century history, serving as impressive feats of engineering that united the nation, carried news and supplies to isolated communities and brought prosperity and mobility to the masses. And while passenger services may have waned somewhat in recent decades, the rails still span the country’s breadth from Vancouver in the west to Halifax on the east coast, providing an ideal way to enjoy the natural beauty of this pristine land at a comfortable pace.

Whether you’re a seasoned click here railroader or a novice passenger, these Luxury Trans-Canadian train tours offer an unparalleled way to see the sights and get back in touch with nature.

VIA Rail’s flagship Canadian rail route is one of the world’s most legendary and popular train journeys, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and attentive service. This classic train ride takes travelers from Toronto through the Northern Ontario lakes and wide open prairies, then onto the Rockies.

Flashes of evergreen British Columbian forests, mountain peaks including the iconic Victoria Glacier and rushing glacial rivers are sure to take your breath away on this epic trip from Toronto to Vancouver. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery as you relax in your private cabin. And with the option to upgrade to Prestige Class, you can sleep in a full bed next to your traveling companion and wake up to a freshly made breakfast or multi-course meal served in the Skydome car.

The most refined way to travel by train in Canada, Prestige Class offers luxurious cabins that convert to deluxe beds and personalized concierge service throughout the trip. This deluxe train journey from Toronto to Vancouver can also be booked in reverse, and is the perfect way to experience the best of our Rocky Mountains. This eight-day adventure includes two full days in the sightseeing dome cars on The Canadian as well as time for excursions to Banff and Jasper.

The only way to truly experience the heart of our arctic wilderness, this two-day, overnight journey provides an up-close view of the vast landscape that is northern Canada. From the soaring glacial mountains of British Columbia’s Yukon Territory to the barren tundra of Quebec’s Arctic region, this train trip offers a unique window into a wilderness that few will ever witness. This journey is the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation, with plenty of time to admire the breathtaking scenery on your own or with friends.

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