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A Healthier Workforce Leads to a Healthier Bottom Line

A healthier workforce can improve productivity, reduce sick leave and increase morale, while contributing to a healthier bottom line. Studies have shown that employees who are physically fit are up to three times more productive than their less fit colleagues. Additionally, employees who engage in regular exercise are 15 percent more likely to perform better at work, and they are less likely to be absentees.

Investing in mental, social, emotional and financial health will create a happier, healthier workforce

Research suggests that a healthy, well-supported workforce is essential to achieving business goals. Employees who feel valued and supported by their employers are more likely to stick with the company, resulting in higher morale and better profitability. Moreover, a happier workforce is more productive.

The costs of poor mental health can be staggering. Studies have https://www.healthier-workforce.co.uk/ shown that mental illness costs businesses $6.6 billion a year, and it accounts for the largest number of disability claims. Unfortunately, most organizations are behind on implementing mental health initiatives. Without innovative programs, absenteeism rates will increase and productivity will suffer.

Stress reduces productivity

Studies have shown that a high level of stress affects productivity and the health of employees. More than one million people in the United States report experiencing work-related stress on a daily basis. It also affects personal relationships and recreation. A stressed-out employee is an unhappy one who will likely be less productive.

The CDC has compiled a brochure that explains the causes and effects of workplace stress and suggests work practices that will reduce stress levels. The CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention has also put out a brochure called Boost Your Competitive Edge that provides strategic tips for reducing employee stress and creating a healthier workforce.

Healthy employees lower healthcare and insurance costs

Healthier employees mean lower health insurance and healthcare costs for the company and the employees. The reason is simple: employees are more productive, and healthier employees take less time off from work. They are also less likely to visit high-cost health facilities. In addition, healthy employees report higher job satisfaction. Moreover, they are able to earn better rewards.

As a result, they are more productive and happier. Companies that provide health insurance to their employees are more likely to attract high-quality workers. Moreover, they can attract and retain high-paying employees. In addition to providing health insurance, employers can attract and retain high-quality employees by offering attractive benefits. Here are seven ways that companies can balance their coverage and cost:

Smarter working policies will allow employees to find more time to keep fit

Many organizations have policies around taking breaks. Employees should make sure they get enough time to move around and get blood flowing during their breaks. Even if you work at home, try to give yourself a few minutes to stretch and stand up. This will take your eyes off the computer screen and will get your blood flowing. Micro-breaks of 10 to 20 seconds can also be helpful.

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