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Ammolite, Citrine and Turquoise Are Among the Most Unique Gemstones Calgary Has to Offer

Gemstones are rare crystallized forms of minerals. They have special properties that are often associated with spiritual or health benefits.

Gems are a natural resource that can be found in the earth, but they can also be manufactured into a beautiful piece of jewellery or art. There are many different types of gemstones and you can find them all over the world.

Among the most unique gemstones Calgary has are ammolite, citrine and turquoise. They are all a product of the Bearpaw Formation located in southern Alberta, Canada.

Ammolite is a mineral that was created by the fossilized remains of an extinct squid-like creature, known as a cephalopod. These animals lived in the oceans of the Late Cretaceous Period, about 70 million years ago.

The fossilized shells of ammonites are often iridescent and have become popular with people who want to buy natural jewelry. Ammolite is also known as Korite and its market value is comparable to sapphires or black opals.

You can find ammolite at various locations in Alberta, including Banff, Lethbridge and Red Deer. It is considered a valuable resource and has been marketed by companies since the 1970s.

Aside from being an important natural resource, ammolite is also a significant part of Indigenous culture. The Blackfoot and other First Nations tribes of southern Alberta revere ammonite, and it is a symbol of good fortune for hunters. The squid-like shells of ammonites are also a sign of the sun, according to some tribes.

There are several mines in the Bearpaw Formation that produce ammolite and it has been a profitable source of income for mining companies. One of the largest is owned by Korite International Ltd. It has 57 hectares of land in the area.

They started off just doing surface mining and marketing their treasures to tourists, but the company has recently invested in underground drilling operations to find the gems more deeply.

It took some time to make the website transition from just surface mining to digging deep in the rock but now the company is in a position to find and mine ammolite more efficiently. In fact, it is expected that Korite will quadruple its operation within 12 months.

Besides ammolite, there are other precious and semi-precious gemstones from around the world that can be purchased in Calgary. There are opals, turquoise, jasper and more.

These stones can be used as a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection and they are also great for a personal gift. The price range depends on the size of the stone and the colour.

If you are looking for a store in Calgary with an extensive selection of gemstones, there is no better place than Earth Gem! They carry all kinds of different stones from all over the world & have a very helpful staff.

They have a large selection of drilled beads strands as well as finished pendants & rings, all at affordable prices! They are also a great place to purchase jewelry supplies as they stock a wide variety of gem cutting tools.

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