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Connect to Autism

Connect To Autism is a practical guide for adults who are neurodiverse. It provides insider knowledge about adults with autism and offers tips and strategies to make connections with them. It also includes helpful resources like Moovit and Autism Care Network. These resources are invaluable for anyone looking to connect with neurodiverse adults.

Anne Marie Gallagher BSc, RCSLT, ASILTIP

Anne Marie Gallagher is a Speech and Language Therapist with over 25 years of experience working with adults with autism. Previously, she worked for mental health and learning disability services. Her clinical interests include identifying autistic adults’ core differences in their perceptions and thinking styles.

Casey Vormer

If you have been looking for a way to better understand autism autism assessment and its symptoms, you should consider reading this book. This inspiring book is written by an artist with autism who is passionate about helping others with autism. Casey Vormer was diagnosed with autism at the age of 21. His drawings are typically detailed and photorealistic. He has a great ability to visualize everything in detail and began drawing at a very early age.

Autism Care Network

The Autism Care Network is a collaborative network of healthcare providers with a common goal: to improve the lives of people with autism. Among other things, the network collects data on treatments and outcomes to inform research and treatment decisions. It also provides virtual learning to healthcare professionals, so that they can better serve local families.

The Network also works with community members to improve care and outcomes. The ECHO Autism Model is used to train community practitioners and educators, which helps increase access to autism care services.


The Moovit app is a public transportation information service that provides real-time arrival information, live directions, get-off alerts, and more. It also empowers those with disabilities by incorporating accessibility features, including screen-reading and talkback/voiceover capabilities. The app also identifies wheelchair-accessible routes and calculates step-free routes.

Moovit is a free journey planning application that combines crowdsourced public transit information with official information from transit agencies. Users can plan, validate, and pay for multiple trips, and the app automatically finds the cheapest route.

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