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Headstones For Sale

There are several options when looking for headstones for sale. These include a variety of materials, the price of each, and the shipping costs. This article will help you make an informed decision and select the right headstone for your loved one. Read on to find out more about headstones for sale and how to order them.

Cost of headstones

Before ordering a headstone, be sure to understand the cost. Most headstone retailers offer payment plans, and some even offer financing options. Some people choose to pay a 50 percent deposit up front and pay the rest when the headstone is finished.

Materials to choose from

There are a wide variety of materials to choose from when making a headstone. Granite is a common material for grave markers, and is both durable and attractive. Other options include bronze and field boulder. These materials are not as hardwearing as granite or marble, but they can still stand up to the elements.


Before purchasing a headstone, make sure you know what to look HEADSTONES FOR SALE for and how to compare prices. Many monument makers sell their headstones online, and some ship them free throughout the United States. This method offers many benefits for the consumer, including the ability to personalize the design and find a variety of prices.

Shipping costs

If you want to purchase a headstone online, the shipping costs will vary depending on the size of the headstone and distance from your location. It is best to read the shipping policies of each company before making a final decision. You can also shop around to find the best provider.

Requirements of cemeteries

There are several requirements a cemetery must meet before allowing a headstone to be placed on a grave site. First, all headstones must be made from natural first-grade granite. Second, they must not have any cracks or seams. Third, they must be of the same style and color as the rest of the cemetery. Fourth, they must be at least four feet in height. Additionally, a monument must be placed on a solid foundation that is at least four feet deep. Lastly, the foundation for a monument or marker must be a layer of cement.

Rights of consumers

As a consumer, your rights when buying headstones for sale are important. First, you have the right to choose your supplier. Although most cemeteries are honest businesses, there are still some who use unethical tactics. For example, they may say they don’t accept headstones purchased from outside sources or they may charge an installation fee if you purchase your headstone from another supplier. These tactics are against the law and the Federal Trade Commission considers them to be an unfair restriction on free trade.

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