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The Importance of Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen hood cleaning can help prevent the spread of fires. This process involves the removal of grease, debris, and other compounds from the hood. A clean hood is also important in maintaining the air quality in a restaurant.

The National Fire Protection Association has developed a standard that states when and how a kitchen hood should be cleaned. The cleaning process is also governed by local codes. It can be dangerous to use the wrong cleaning method. Hood cleaners must be trained to use the right techniques.

Kitchen hood cleaning includes cleaning the exhaust system, the plenum area, and other components. It may involve cleaning the hood itself, removing the baffle filters, and wiping the walls. Some kitchens have connected horizontal and vertical ducts that lead from the hood to the ceiling. During the cleaning process, the ducts and roof are checked for damage and vibrations.

Clean hoods are also important in preventing slips and falls. Grease can become slippery when it builds up on the hood. This can be a major cause of kitchen fires.

Cleaning the hoods of restaurants should be done regularly to avoid a kitchen fire. If the hood has fans, they should be turned off before the cleaning begins. After the fans have been turned off, the fan blades and ducts should be sprayed with hot water to rinse out the grease. Afterward, the hood is cleaned and polished.

When cleaning a hood, the fan belt may need to be replaced. To make sure the fan is in good condition, the technician will check for vibrations and check the fan’s working order.

Kitchen hood cleaning is required in almost every commercial cooking establishment in the United States. Depending on the type of food being cooked, the frequency of cleaning will vary. NFPA 96 requires most commercial hoods to be cleaned at least quarterly.

There are some hood cleaning jobs that require a background check or drug screening. Most of these jobs also require that the employees have a valid driver’s license and have a car. They also require good organization skills.

Kitchen hood cleaning services can be scheduled when needed or when the hood is no longer in use. These services can be scheduled Sunday to Thursday. During the cleaning process, the hood’s interior is thoroughly cleaned, the filters are removed, and the Hood Cleaning fans are tested for noise. Typically, a standard hood cleaning takes three to four hours.

Generally, the hood’s filters are wrapped in plastic sheeting before they are removed. They are then soaked in degreaser solution for the same amount of time. After the hood is rinsed, the baffle filters are then placed back into the hood and the canopy is dried and polished.

Restaurant hood cleaning can be performed by the owners or by professional duct cleaning companies. These companies use steam, pressure washing, and other methods to remove grease and flammable residues from the interior surfaces of the hood. In addition to the hood, they will clean the fan, the floor, and other areas.

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