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How to Determine Property Prices

Property Prices

The value of a home can be affected by many different factors, including local real estate trends, the housing market and the home’s condition, age, location and property size. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for determining what a home is worth, a few things tend to carry the heaviest weight.

Fair market value

Generally, the fair market value of a property PropertyMarket.com.mt is what a willing buyer would pay for it, according to a professional opinion. This approach is often used when a property is sold, but it can also be useful for estimating the value of new construction or special-use properties that are hard to find comparable sales for.

Sales comparison

A sales comparison is a common method for valuing a home, based on recent sales of similar homes in the neighborhood. These sales should include characteristics that are comparable to the subject property, such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and lot size.

Assessed value

A property’s assessed value is the market value determined by a municipal property assessor using statistical modeling to determine prices of similar homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood. This valuation is typically the basis for mortgages and property taxes, and it’s also a factor in appraisals.

Appraised value

A home’s appraised value is a professional valuation prepared by an independent appraiser, primarily for loan purposes. It also serves as a benchmark for comparing home prices in your area and determining whether your home is under or overvalued.

Cost approach

A cost approach is a popular way to value a home because it focuses on the price of materials and labor required to build a property. It’s favored for valuing newer construction or when there aren’t enough comparable sales for an appraisal.

Asking price

The asking price of a home is the amount that you’re seeking to sell it for. It’s usually the first step in a sale, and it determines how much you’ll receive from a potential buyer.

You’ll need to set a competitive list price for your home. This is the price that will appeal to the most buyers in your area, and it should be a price that will encourage them to make an offer.

In the current market, the average home is getting a healthy dose of competition from buyers who want to purchase the best possible property for their needs and budgets. This is a good thing for both buyers and sellers, because it means the market is tight.


If you’re considering a home purchase, it’s important to understand how home values vary over time. This can be tricky to calculate, but you can use a home value calculator to get an idea of how your property is likely to appreciate over time.

How to calculate it

The home value calculator combines data from tens of millions of home sales across the country to provide insights about house prices that are broadly comparable. This information can help you decide if a home is within your price range and how long it may take to recover your investment.

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